Pediatrics Site Visit Summary

During my pediatric site evaluation my partner and I presented 2 patients each, discussed 10 drug cards and a journal article.

The first patient I chose to present was our first Influenza case in pediatric ED this year. I have spent over an hour in the same room with my patient who was coughing non-stop so seeing the Influenza type A on the GenMark viral panel test prompted me getting my flu vaccine the next day. Overall I have also made a connection with the patient and her parents so I had an in depth understanding of the case so it was easy to present.

Discussing pharm cards was interesting as rather than our usual presentation format we were asked to quiz each other on our drugs which made it really fun as well as allowed us to learn new things about medications like their off label use we’ve encountered during rotations.

My second case was a patient with anemia. It was very useful to compile and discuss a broad differential and a process of ruling things out based on the ordered labs.

The article I chose was a 2021 meta analysis of clinical guidelines for evaluation and treatment of iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia in women with excessive menstrual bleeding which tied to my patient.

Overall the site presentation was a great exercise of our critical thinking which allowed us to brainstorm and expand our clinical knowledge. Professor provided useful feedback such as documenting symptoms from review of systems in patients exact words rather than medical terminology in order to be able to deliver a more precise picture to a reader which could be a useful tool for our future practice.

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