LTC Site Visit Summary

Long Term Care requires a very thorough approach to patient care, and a bit different one from others.

During my site evaluation I presented two HPIs, 10 pharm cards and a journal article pertaining to my patient’s condition. A useful feedback I received was about the date my article was published,- even though it was a good study, having it be almost 10 years old makes one question whether there’s new, more accurate data, available. Moving on, I will only chose the most current articles answering my questions.

     I have learned new techniques to a Neurological exam approach and polished up my wording. For example, a term “Not active at the time” describing a problem pertaining to patient’s chronic condition is not the best choice of words as the condition is still there, it’s just well managed.

Overall Dr.Davidson was very patient providing extremely useful feedback that will help us become better providers in future. It was great having a conversation with her, I wish we had more of them.

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