FM Site Visit Summary

FM Site Visit Summary

        For my first HPI I chose the most exciting case I saw during my rotation – a decompensating heart failure patient that ended up being transported to the ER. He was a young male with a PMH of DM2 and HTN who was already s/p renal transplant. During the site visit my preceptor asked leading questions that made me think of all possible etiologies of his condition which was very stimulating. Prof.Sadat also laid out the possible treatment plan for my patient once he reaches the ER which gave me a sense of completeness since in the back of my head I am always curious about my patient’s further outcomes.

      Another one of my HPIs was on a painless rectal bleed, which I had a decent DDX on but was lacking quite a few things in my plan. In the clinic we simply took some basic bloodwork and referred the patient to the GI specialist but turns out there were a few other things that could have been done such as recommendation of a high fiber diet, sitz bath and patient education to go straight to ER if his Sxs get worse.

    Overall I found the feedback prof.Sadat provided to me and other students very useful and constructive and enjoyed his encouragement of our critical thinking as deep understanding why certain things are happening to our patients lands us half way to knowing how to help them.

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